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Shine Bright

by Eco Faeries

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Awaken 03:14
The Moon is bright and the path is clear the sound of music sings to me I can hear the faeries whispering near As they sing a song that calls to me Awaken dear faerie Awaken with You left to find others but the human crept in Awaken dear faerie Awaken With in Awaken dear faerie Awaken within Step on the path follow one-two-three Make a circle around the tree Step in time dance the faerie ring Feel the magic Your heart can bring Hear the voices within the trees feel the magic riding on the wind Place your hands down to the ground The Earth is alive with faeries all around
Eco Faeries 00:56
We are the Eco Faeries We really really want ya We really really need ya To help take care of nature We are the Eco Faeries We're looking for heroes To help us on our way Each and everyday
I was born down by the water Raised among the trees Running through the White Gums With the bush fire on the breeze Learned to see a light in life In a culture of the wise And I let it seep under my skin And I found it no surprise to find Love within my soul Love within my songs Love for Noongar Boodja baby Cause its the land I'm on She heals you with her dreaming Like a mother to a child And you find in her belonging Baby let yourself run wild Listen to her secrets They fly in on the sun They live out in The Dreamtime Yea, that's when it begun You'll find love with your soul Love within your songs Love for Noongar Boodja baby cause its the land your on Who cares where you're from No matter what your kin The spirit of this land here baby It doesn't see your skin Brothers and my sisters Feel the Noongar vibes Upon this Noongar Boodja We can all be one tribe Love within our souls Love within our songs Love for Noongar Boodja baby cause its the land we're on
Good 2 Grow 02:25
Shine Bright 02:11
The sun it helps to plants to grow and when we eat them Don't you know we keep a little sun inside to help us all to grow and makes us Shine bright Shine Bright Shine Bright Looking a shooting star lights up the night You won't even have to try to Shine Bright Shine Bright Water keeps the plants alive Plants and birds and crocodiles we need it to grow and grow
Worm Poo 03:57
Rainbow Song 04:11


For centuries faeries have been hiding in the wild places of the world. Below the thorny bushes, within the trees and among the ancient rocks are the homes of the faeries. Human folk have gone about their way completely unaware that all around them, the work of the magical faeries is taking place. In a time when nature needs help more than ever, the faeries have decided to stand tall, SHINE BRIGHT and step forward into the human world. They are looking for help, they want to find humans bold and bright enough to stand up for nature. Do you love playing in the garden, visiting the forests, or the beach?
Shine Bright with the Eco Faeries


released October 3, 2016

Songs Written by Faerie Cara: Awaken, Not Dirty, It's Earthy, Good 2 Grow, worm Poo, Balloons Blow

Songs Written by Kirsten Smith: Eco Faeries, Shine Bright, You have the Power

Songs Written by Milly Taylor: Noongar Boodjar, Rainbow Song

Vocals: Faerie Cara, Kirsten Smith, Milly Taylor, Latiesha Boucher, Fiona Rea
Backing Vocals: Erik Kowarski, Syl Kowarski, Anaya, Aurora, Chelsea, Holly, Paloma, Xavier
Guitar: Kirsten Smith, Milly Taylor
Flute: Kirsten Smith
Fiddle: Erik Kowarski
Bass: Rob Ferrari
Drums: Zen Fusion

Noongar Boodjar music produced by: Trojan John Music

Studio recorded, mixed and mastered at: Pocket Universe Studio by Erik Kowarski


all rights reserved



Eco Faeries Perth, Australia

Eco Faeries bring eco-educational entertainment to events across the world including sell out Fringe show performances. With bright colours, contagious energy and hard to forget messages in their catchy songs you'll be enchanted by the Eco Faeries witty ways. ... more

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